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Free Tiller Rental.

What's this? Well, when the Corona virus thing hit everyone was stuck at home and all of a sudden everyone wanted to garden. The problem with tillers is that they are expensive and you only need them once or twice a year. So I fixed one and offered it as a free rental. This was just a few days ago from when I am writing this. The response has been amazing, with lots of people exited about having a garden. So I've decided that this is not just going to be for this weird time when we are stuck at home because of a virus, it will be a permanent thing. I will soon fix another one or two so that I can keep up with demand. No strings attached, one day rentals are free. This community has allowed me to do what I've wanted for a long time which is to work from home, so this is what I get to do to give back. I'll keep working tillers, and you are welcome to use them. Having a home garden is a good thing, 

and with the tiller out of the equation, there should not be any financial hurdles in having one. So just call message, email and reserve one for what day you need.

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